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Chat GPT vs. Physical Therapist: An Honest Review by Dr. O’Connor

My name is Dr. O’Connor and I have been a physical therapist for over 5 years and have had helped hundreds if not thousands of people live happier healthier lives through therapeutic treatments. I have a strong passion for technology and healthcare. Naturally, I had to test what current AI technology is capable of as it relates to my profession so I decided to go toe-to-toe with Chat GPT.

ROUND 1: DIAGNOSIS I begin the prompt with a patient complaint that I may hear in the clinic. The prompt was: “I fell on my shoulder a week ago and it hurts. I can’t lift it”. As a physical therapist in this situation, I would continue to further assess and ask questions to lead me to more potential diagnoses in evaluation the patient. At this point, Chat GPT had a great response but did not lead to any further questioning and diagnosis. It had a perfect response though if someone was seriously seeking medical advice from Chat GPT. ROUND 1 WINNER: PHYSICAL THERAPIST

ROUND 2 INTERVENTION: In round 2, I decided to provide Chat GPT with a specific diagnosis to determine what interventions it would suggest. I decided to provide tendonopathy. I was extremely impressed with Chat GPT’s response. I think these are excellent suggestions providing the patient can tolerate and complete them. Truth is, there is a small percentage of patients that would be able to read this prompt and immediately implement the exercises without a skilled eye for cueing for performing the exercise correctly. However, at the speed and written description of the exercise, I am very happy with the response. This was a close one but the ability to discern and improve technique on the spot goes to the physical therapist. ROUND 2 WINNER: Physical Therapist ROUND 2 RUNNER UP: Chat GPT